Deranged thought from a white dragon. Plus a TMI! by William D Massiel

The Thought :}~~<
"I would give you my two cents about all this drama but that would mean I have to give up some of my horde and that just not going to happen"

The TMI ^.=.^
When I was little I had a skateboard accidents. Where I hit a rock stopping the board but not my self and with my lightning fast reflexes I thought. "Hay I don't want to scrap my palms up, so I should not use my hands to stop my fall." So guess what I used my chin to stop the fall. It was very unpleasant. After a short trip to the ER and about a two weeks of eating things through a straw. I found out something good came out of this. I can now unhinge my jaw giving me the super hero ability to put large things in my mouth. Leave you comments below.

Deranged thought from a white dragon. Plus a TMI!

William D Massiel

19 January 2014 at 18:30:18 MST

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