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Welcome to Weasyl~ by aggro_badger

Change is hard!
I'm glad to see more people using this site.

These tools/links have been being passed around for a bit, and I wanted to make a journal with them all in one place, both for my own reference and for people who might be having trouble getting used to things.

A little thing that lets you drag and drop your watch list to help you find people on Weasyl.

Waxpost, a neat Chrome plugin that allows you to cross post from FA (and I think other sites?). Useful if you'd like to port some/all of your gallery.

A Guide to MarkDown (the formatting that Weasyl uses)

A user worked up a little guide to some Weasyl Features that might be of interest, or whose function might not be immediately clear.

Exodus Database
If you are leaving, looking for someone who has left, or would just like to find some new artists to follow, this is a database to help with that.

Edit: To my Commissioners. If you are moving to another site, happy reminder that you are welcome to repost art I've done for you wherever/however you'd like.

Edit Edit: A Weasyl Journal about Browsing Journals

Edit Edit Edit: If you are just setting up your Weasyl account, I think that the SFW mode is the default, so if you want your porn you need to opt in.

Edit Edit Edit Edit: Kitashi Batch Uploader
Now with Guide!

Welcome to Weasyl~


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    Hey there Aggro! Nice to see you here :)
    And thanks for all the help and tips linksI hope these prove helpfuls. I've been trying to write a couple of help journals for newcomers myself ^^;

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    Why thank you c: it's good to see you yes yes wag

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    Really do appreciate all the tips, Aggro. :>

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    I think the option/setting of "Default Follow User Settings" to choose whether I follow their journals, submissions etc, is nice, but I kinda wish it was like on DA where you can choose it for each person you're following. I might have a friend on here who doesn't submit art for example and might only be following him for his journals and collections for example.

    And yes, thanks for the welcome and for the post. :)

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      Derp. I just checked and you do that individually, but it's just from a different menu/your follow list instead of being given the option when you follow someone. Not as streamlined as DA's system, but still a HUGE improvement over FA's. :)

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        Oh, that's really good to know!

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    Some pretty handy tools there I didn't know existed! Thanks for that Aggro!

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    Thanks for posting these! Will definitely come in handy!

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    Thanks for the Database signal boost!

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    This place looks good, but this site only for artists. For me, as for commissioner, this site rules very difficult. I just really don't understand what allowed for me as for just commissioner (even I upload sometime never showed before images).

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      Actually, the rules are pretty simple. Even though Weasyl has the Collections feature, you are still allowed to upload art you've commissioned to your own gallery just like on FA. Using the Collections feature instead is encouraged, but it's not mandatory.

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    I definitely quoted you in my Welcome to Weasyl journal, 'cuz those are some helpful links there :3