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Submitting stuff and more by TreeWeasel

I will be making this my main gallery. Over the coming days I will be uploading the work on FA I am most happy with and then I will be uploading future work here.

I will be uploading some commissioned work I am working on FA as well, but for the most part I want to pull away from FA. FA has a dreadful adminstration but the community is big. There are a fair number of turds there, but for overy one of those there will be a diamond or two.

The crassness and stupid insensitivty dsiplayed my 'Neer and others as he continues to run his site as an old friends' club, hiring people through nepotistically despite showing a lack of knowledge to do their job and/or have a shady personal history. All this is done without regard to those that make his site what it is. And it is really just getting to me.

Submitting stuff and more


19 January 2014 at 10:35:33 MST

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