Updating My Weasyl Gallery Soon by Husky-pup1

I haven't been on Weasyl in quite awhile, maybe a year? I dunno. XD I need to post my works that I've been posting up on FA to here so my works can spread like butter or like legs...i mean....butter. o3o

But lately, my insomnia is back and is killing my mood and motivation. I want to get the updates done on here but I'm just to cranky and exhausted to even post them. You may say lazy, but imagine yourself only able to sleep for just 2 hours and to wake up with constant random headaches and then your body feeling like its been stepped on everywhere while you are asleep like some feet fetish person thought that doing it to me was fun even though I'm not exactly into that stuff. o3o And I know, I go into alot of TMI details. Mainly cause I'm "not exactly here" and mostly just "merf". Also that I'm crazy and perverted and weird and I know it. owo

Updating My Weasyl Gallery Soon


19 January 2014 at 10:27:58 MST

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