Sketchbook section on Weasyl? by thebeesknees

Hey guys! :D How yous doing! I hope your weekend is treating you well!!

So you know how FA and DA have the 'sketchbook' section of a gallery? Where you can submit doodles and unfinish work without worrying about it appearing on your front page, in your main gallery, or even on the websites's main page?

Does weasyl have something like that? If it does, how do you submit images to it?? If it doesn't, why not??? I need this in my life. I draw so many shitty doodles, I like posting them as conversation starters, but not enough to sully my main gallery or front page * A*!!

Oh yeah! And thanks for enlightening me about things in my last journal!! I really appreciate that. You guys rock :] <3

Sketchbook section on Weasyl?


18 January 2014 at 23:32:56 MST

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    As of current, no. There is no 'sketchbook' or 'scraps' section. So you're pretty much forced to put them in your main gallery. Not too big of a deal, unless you like your gallery being for polished work only. I'm just starting to post doodles and stuff again, despite feeling they sully my gallery a bit. Because I have nowhere else to put them.

    But, you can probably go to the Weasyl forums and suggest a scrapbook or something of the sort to the suggestions thread. I certainly wouldn't be against that! C:

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      Actually, you can make a sketchbook folder yourself by going down to the very bottom of this page, Settings > Submission Folders, and editing the folder so that its contents don't show up in your gallery or on your profile's front page, or even Weasyl's front page. I've done it myself with a couple folders: one I use for sketches, and one I use for material I'm really shy about and don't want on my front page, yet still want to post and share with peeps. It's worked very well!

      So you can upload sketches to your heart's content~

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        I DIDN'T KNOW THAT. -goes to do that right now omg-

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    I don't know of one in the main site but the forum has a section for sketchbooks. I'll take a look around though and see if I can find something.

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      You can make a folder to act like a sketchbook or a scraps page by fiddling with the the Folder Options at the bottom of this page. It's worked very well for me! :3

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    They are working on which submissions appear on your profile, but for now you can make a sketchbook folder and anything that is uploaded you can upload with the "Don't show notifications" box checked!

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      Thanks!! This serves the exact purpose I was looking for! I appreciate the help!

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    While there's technically no official "sketchbook", they have something that works pretty much exactly like you describe.

    Go to Edit Folder Options, at the very bottom of Settings > Submission Folders. For each folder, you'll have the option to make it so that submissions in the folder do not appear in your profile or on the front page, or your main gallery. :3 There's even the option to have certain folders not generate notifications for your watchers, if you're like me and wanted to update your Weasyl gallery with all your old stuff without spamming everyone to heck and back!

    I hope this helps!

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      Wow, hey that worked!! Thank you so much!!

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        More than welcome! Glad I could help!

        Now it is time to upload all the arts. I can't wait to see more of your work, be it sketches or refined. ♥

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      Wow! good to know. That's very helpful. c: Thanks for the info.

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        You're very welcome~ I'm glad to see it's helped so many people including yourself. x3

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    I was going to just say "yes, you can make your own folders" but now everyone beat me to it.

    But that's why I prefer this site so much over FA, I can shove all sorts of things into folders.

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    You've had helpful answers :D I really like their folder options, honestly!