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WOW everyone's migrating! by whocrysforthestars

so as many of you know, people are migrating here to Weasyl due to the recent turmoil on FA.. now, i'm not planning on ditching FA myself, however i AM planning on being a little more active here :I i'll be doing a little bit of cross-posting, and even submitting things here that i have yet to submit there as well. if you guys are sticking here with weasyl and decide to ditch FA for good, then awesome! all the power to ya :D however, i think i might ride it out a little longer to see how it goes.

in the meantime... HI :D i'm back-ish!

i'll probably be asking for basic help seeing as i never really had the chance to use this site before i kindof drifted away from it, so forgive me if in the next few months or so if i'm asking dumb questions... oh! as for dumb questions! how do you do icons?? like :usernameicon: on FA? because i'm pretty sure you can do that here.. or even just making a person's username into a link so i can link them :I... that's the only dumb question for now XD haha.

i hope to post more art here soon!

~Stars out!

WOW everyone's migrating!


18 January 2014 at 21:30:18 MST

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