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Tips to generate more activity on your gallery(And Weasyl in general) by LudoCrow

Heya, just another small journal for you folks here.

Since a lot of people are now making accounts here, here's a few tips to generate more activity on this website:

1. Arts.

Obviously, uploading art is one. Without content, it's certain you won't have viewers. This said, it is very far from the be-all and end-all of things here. I've seen many people upload 200+ different pics.... but not post a comment anywhere, with nigh empty journals, except for an occasional "Welcome!" to their users from other sites. If you really want activity you'll need to do more than that. Which bring us to :

2. Write journals.

It's silly to say but when someone click a picture you made they might know you're a great artist, but unless you have very colorful descriptions they won't know what kind of person you are. So post a journals once in a while, not just on other sites. A journal is something that is a very personalized reminder to your viewers, old and new, that you are on this site. And it lets them also see what kind of person you are, what are your interest.
For commission artists, this should be important because a lot of people will also commission not just an artist to draw art, but also a person whom they not only want to get art from but support them as a -person- in their endeavor to create more art as a business.
And as a bonus, it just so happen that when an user click that "browse" tab in the upper left of this site's screen, "Journals" just so happen to be one of the categories they can browse and sift through.
So when you post a new journal on Weasyl, it's not just your watchers who have a chance to read it.

3. Browse and comment

This kind of sound needless to say, but it goes along the same line than journals. Don't just be reply to comments on your own art. Go and use that "Browse" button. Go and see what art, characters other users are posting. Give a fav to those you like, leave a comment, a compliment. Maybe an helpful critique to help a starting artist improve with their art. The people who had a ton of watchers/favs on other sites didn't get there just posting their own art. They often got there because when the commented another's work, it allowed -other- people to click their own user icon to then later discover about their own art and decide to watch them as an artist.
This goes double for mere watchers and commissioners. By showing artists there is a potential viewer base, one which does not just give silent watches or favs to their galleries, it shows them there is a "community" on this site. This is the kind of things that help retain users on the site. Favs and watches will not come over to you passively "just because you are here", you also need to make your presence known for them to come to you.

4. Commissions

This is kind of a two-way ones. Most of the successful websites I know of tend to generally be so because these are sites where business can be done, more or less.
I've had commissioners gripes that artists they watch aren't on this site. I've had skilled commissions artists arguing that the don't have a consumer base here and thus do not want to make the effort of making or maintaining a gallery here if it "won't pay for them".
But again, just passively making an account will not bring those here. This is why step 1, 2 and 3 are important since it show there is an active community here. But again, it must go beyond that.
If you're a commissioner, don't just passively wait for the artists you watched on other site to come here. They won't if they don't see it as a place to do business. So go out, browse the website. Find an artist you like, and -do- asks them if they take commissions.
Maybe they won't.... but maybe they -will- however be please to be offered business in a place where they didn't expect it.
And for artist this is the same. Do post journals showing you're taking commissions.
Do use the "commissions informations" tool you have in your profile and weasyl settings.
Do create commissions folders to show you -have- worked on commissions before and probably will be again. Post those "Commission pricelists" images on your gallery for people to consult and have an idea of what you can produce and what you charge for it. I have seen very few artists go through these step here, but many who feel or are worried they will never be able to make business here.

Once people see that they can make business here, you can bet that others will then follow in their wake.

In the end, recall that whatever sucess you have had elsewhere did not come from nowhere either. If you care about your gallery growing here, and for the website to justify maintaining a presence here, you have to put a little of your own as well. Spread knowledge of your presence here to others, as well as why they should watch you after all :)

Tips to generate more activity on your gallery(And Weasyl in general)


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    Very good tips, all true.

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    And: I'll be damned, you can actually favorite journals here

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      Yes you can! :D
      I've faved a couple of Jonas 's journals myself :)

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    This is a good list, and I'd say #3 is probably the most important in my experience. My first foray into uploading music and such on an old website was pretty amazing... not because my music was great (it was terrible), but because I spent a lot of time browsing other musicians and artists, commenting, and even sometimes subtly pointing out a submission of mine they might enjoy. Ever since I stopped doing that, I've had a horrible time trying to get people to listen, despite my music being much improved these days! So, I'm hoping to rectify such things here on Weasyl.

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      I'll wish you the best of luck in your endeavours :)
      I might try to give an ear once in a while to what you produces, even if I've not always been the greatest music listener ^^

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        Thank you kindly on both counts, every listen is deeply appreciated. :3 Every listen honors me, because it means someone is willing to take the time out and experience what I have to say through the language of music. Here's to success for both of us on Weasyl!

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    I'm really appreciating all your helpful journals! Thank you. ^^

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      Thank you ^^
      Feel free to spread these around if you want, the more people who know all this website has to offer, the more likely people might stick around to it :)

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    You are rather kind for sharing this information or tips with others. I've been trying to do my part and comment on stuff, in order to show it isn't completely empty here.