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Thanks Guys! by Roum

Just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone that has decided to follow me here, and to all of those that have left me kind comments, messages, and shouts. It really makes me excited to start using this website more and setting up shop here!

That said, sorry if I'm a bit slow on responding to things here while I get set up and become acquainted with the site and its layout. I've almoooost caught up on uploading older things here, and I've been working on commissions in my queue so I should have new things to show you all very soon as well!

Thanks Guys!


18 January 2014 at 15:54:16 MST

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    It's good to have you over here!

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      Thank you, I'm glad to be here! Everyone has been lovely so far.

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    I like this site quite a bit but I still accidentally nuked all my art notifications last night....need to get use to the layout a little more.

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      Same here on both accounts!
      Really liking it so far, just need more time to get the hang of things, haha.

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    iUi I'm so glad everyone is making it so nice to move in here <3 I made an account here when they opened but I didn't feel as likely to stay as I do now. I guess everyone vacating these artsites and coming here has brought out the understanding in a lot of people iui

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      Yeah same here! It seems like everyone is really excited about the possibility of a fresh start and just having a nicer place/community to hang around in general; I know I am, at least!

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        That's definitely a big reason for me iui I hope it stays this way, it's just so pleasant to know that the good in people right now outweighs the negativity unlike the way it does on other sites for the time being <3 <3 Something I would love love love to get used to. Haha one can only hope x3