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Just wanted to say that I was unsure how things would go migrating and joining a new site. I've been on DA for a very long time and FA for, I think, a bit over a year...maybe more.

I like DA but it's really, really crowded. And there much I need to really say there? For me though, I've avoided like the FA drama mostly because no one ever really communicates with me there. I have a couple watchers who comment on, and occasionally someone else does as well. Overall though, it's kinda lonely over there.

That said, I just wanna give a big thank you to all of you who are following my art here. So far I've felt very welcome and have felt more welcome in this community than I ever have on either DA or FA. And also a big thank you to anyone who decides to follow me in the future. I stopped posting "thanks for ___s" a long time ago cause I felt like people took it more as "I'm advertising on your profile" than a genuine thank you. So here it is, THANK YOU!

So yea, I'm gonna be sticking around here for a long time I think. I'll still be posting on DA as well. As for FA, well...I'm gonna give it some more time I think. So far now I'll still be active there as well. But who knows.

On a more unrelated note, I might not have any new art posted for a day or two. My work computer is acting up. Poor thing will be 7 years old this spring. It's impressive it's lasted this long. But I'm noticing the hard drive making subtle and odd noises at random that it hasn't made before. When it starts making those new noises, everything freezes up. So I'm going to be looking into that issue and possibly pursuing a new hard drive...hopefully nothing more drastic than that. Like replacing the whole thing...

Worst case, I'll just have to move all my software and backed up files over to my other computer. The other one I just use for gaming but I originally got it in case something happened to my work computer.

Again, thanks for following and I look forward to sharing my work with you!


Thanks For Following!


18 January 2014 at 10:27:23 MST

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    Uh-oh! HDD's shouldn't make any noise at all if they're healthy. O:
    When they do start it's pretty important to react quickly or things can go south really quickly! D:

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      Oh I know. I'm amazed this one has lasted nearly 7 years. And the noise is really subtle so it sounds like the problem is just starting. I think I'll be able to get everything backed up that isn't already backed up. Then I'll probably make back ups of my back ups...cause I'm paranoid like that! XD