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Uploading and Initial Thoughts by Driftlock

Hey everyone!

Figured I'd put up something about my current plans here for my Weasyl account.

The main idea thus far is I'm going to upload some of my favorites I've gotten over the years. Ones I can look at today and still think "Damn, I really enjoyed that one." I just don't have the willpower or time to upload every single thing I've commissioned, but wanted to have some fun and get to know people here, even if I know some of you on FA! I hope you enjoy seeing what I upload again.

I do plan to upload newer commissions I get though, so there will be fresher content here too at some point! Plus I'd like to try a writing submission and see how they work here, so I might write something new just to try it out! We'll see if I can't slowly get back into writing and teach myself to not fail at it again.

So far, I'm liking this website. I haven't found too many features yet, but what I have found out so far, I've found rather convenient. The way you make submission thumbnails? Yes please! I think that's going to make for some fun thumbnails, like one I recently did, just barely including naughty bits!

I also like the clean layout. I haven't figured out how to make folders yet, unless that's pay-account only. Didn't look into that yet, could be handy though!

What is everyone else liking about it?

Uploading and Initial Thoughts


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