Hello Weasyl! by whiteicepanther

So I'm new here and figured I'd write a journal to introduce myself a little.

My artist name is WhiteIcePanther as you can see. I also go by W.I.P for short. I just wanted to say hi!
I also want to mention that I'll be uploading a few submissions I've completed within the last month or two, just to fill up my gallery here a bit over the next few days.

Other than that, I guess I'll just mention a few generic things about myself. I'm a gamer, I went to school for film making and I am working a few animation related things that'll eventually be watchable on my youtube channel (hicksvilleproductions). I am a animal lover in general, I once considered going into zoology as a child but then decided I enjoyed making claymations too much and pursued movie making.

I've been in love with drawing and painting for an extremely long time. It all started around when I was 3-ish with a big, black permanent marker and a white wall in the living room...didn't take long for my parents to buy me sketch books after that. I've been drawing ever sense. Over the years I went through phases where I suddenly noticed something about my work and leveled up my skills like a boss. Course, I'm not max level yet and I hope I never reach it. It gives me something to keep striving for. Though I think I'm finally at a point where I don't notice a large list of things I hate, but rather a moderate list of, "next time, I'm gonna do this and it'll be way more awesome."

So yea. That's pretty much me.


Hello Weasyl!


11 January 2014 at 10:33:44 MST

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