Fursona Questionnaire by farorenightclaw

What made you choose the species of your main fursona?
i was just getting into furry and kemonomimi art when i was a teenager, and i was flipping through a newspaper and found an article on South China tigers. Something clicked instantly. The photo that went with the article had a tiger with a mostly black chin - that's where Farore's dark-colored chin came from. i haven't looked back since! i think i still have that photo clipped out somewhere.

Is your fursona just like you, or how you want to be?
A little of column A, a little of column B. It has the same body type as me (sans the infernal chest), but obviously i'm not a robot (yet!).

Does your fursona have the same personality you have?
Pretty much, yeah!

Does your fursona have the same dislikes and likes as you do?
Mostly, though i'm less inclined to eat people whole or drink motor oil or whatnot.

Does your fursona look like you at all?
Pretty much, except i'm not 4' tall (though i do wish i was haha).

Is your fursona the same gender as you, if not why?
Yes! This said 'sex' before which is dumb. My fursona is definitely the same /gender/ as me.

Do you have more then one main fursona?
Not really. i have secondary fursonas but they aren't used nearly as often.

Do you have a back story for your fursona, if so does it have anything to do with your own history?
Yes, and it does indeed.

Is your fursona mated, if so is it to your real life significant other?
Yes it's mated, and yes, to both of my RL SOs.

If not are they looking for a mate, or are they a swinger so to speak?
Farore is polyamorous just like me, but neither of us are looking for new partners.

Is there something special about your fursona that you think sets them apart from others?
Not many people have robot fursonas, though there are a few of us. Ditto agender characters. Pastel-colored tigers used to be a rare thing, but i've seen quite a few of them cropping up in recent times.

Do you have much art of your main fursona/s?
Yep, with how much i draw and the occasional gift art or commission, i'm kinda drowning in art of it XD

Would you ever consider parting with your main fursona, if so why?
Farore has been my fursona for over 10 years... i don't see that changing anytime soon.

If you suit, do you have a suit of your main fursona?
Not yet but someday i'd like to!

Have you ever roleplayed with your main fursona, or do you prefer not to?
i do on a regular basis, Ix and i like to text RP even though we live together now, and i occasionally RP with Hale or other friends too.

Do you consider your main fursona to be a part of you in any way?
Definitely, Farore is very near and dear to my heart.

Fursona Questionnaire


5 January 2014 at 09:01:18 MST

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    Always tempted to do one of these things, but I never get to the point to actually doing it... fairly sure no one would care to know X3