Hey, This Site's Lookin' Pretty Good Already by Mac

Expect an influx of new, awesome, cool, rad and other positive adjectives my self esteem is trying to get me to use to describe what I can only describe as things I've made. Mostly because I have a portfolio due on Halloween of all holidays, and I need to get on that shit like bumps on logs, hair on horses, fuckshits on fuckshits and peeps who sleeps on beds. Unfortunately this probably means me not joinin' the pantheon of previous peeps as much as I'd like to, so I might be a bit more out there a bit more.

Also, if you followed anyone before the site went down for maintenance and came back up this weekend, then your settings for what you see from them are pretty much all blanked (ie: you won't see any posts/notifications from them about what they do. Nothin', no art, no journals, no streams and such), so I guess this is a notice to all my followers/friends who've followed me after the reup (cause I guess the others might not be seein' this, haha), make sure you're getting the notifications you wanna get from those people you followed before this.


Hey, This Site's Lookin' Pretty Good Already


9 October 2012 at 05:10:45 MDT

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    Hey there, would you mind posting that bug on the forums? It'll help us make sure everything gets accounted for (and I have to run out the door to get to work). Thanks!

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      Oh, I'm sorry, I worded it kinda funky, it wasn't really a bug, at least, I don't think. Just that before the reup, when you followed someone, it automatically defaulted all the follow settings to blank. I didn't notice till I was seeing artists' work on the front page, but not in my notifications. I'll still post it there if you want me to, but I think I remembered seeing this mentioned on the Weasyl Tumblr already.

      Also, I guess this is my compliments to the chef. The site's damn pretty, inside and out.

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        Ah, right, gotcha. Hopefully we made everyone aware enough that they check their settings, then.

        And I very much appreciate the compliments c: