Ah, you guys... by MLR

I see I've suddenly gained a number of new follows on this website, clearly in the wake of my tirade on FA. I'll say thank you, but I want to be clear that I don't intend to harbour any longterm ill-will against FA or any of its staff. And I realize that that sounds a bit like a 'MLR is trying to be professional as a Weasyl staff member' kind of statement, and it is, but it's also legitimate. This past weekend was much more stressful for me than it needed to be, so now I'd like to move on and just continue doing things like writing and giving writing advice and making the occasional piece of artwork, as well as admin duties here at Weasyl. I'm going to back off for a while in the hopes that I don't suddenly become well-known on account of general interest in furry drama.

On that note, I think at some point here I'd like to start posting some journals or submissions to this account with some essays on particular aspects of writing, sort of an update on some stuff I posted a long time ago elsewhere. Since I rarely update with new submissions, I can at least make this account useful for something. So stay tuned.

Ah, you guys...


30 December 2013 at 15:33:24 MST

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