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Panda thinking of making a new character by Horza

Going to go through some ideas, comment if you think they’re good/silly :D

Anyway, been thinking for a while I’d like to make a bird character, or more specifically, a corvid, thinking European Magpie, with markings changed a little bit to be more panda like (black and white creatures rule, obviously :D)

Beyond green eyes though, I hadn’t really thought of much. Was also thinking of adding a little green on the feathers to mix things up a bit, bit more exciting than just a normal black and white creature.

Thinking female bird.

That however leaves the rest of it. What sort of wings/arms? Seems to be at least 3 variants, from full on wings to half wings with hands to just normal arms. Feet Vs. Claws. What sort of beak to have? (Well, okay, that’s not too hard, corvid beak :P)

Then I either have to get someone to draw all that out or make a crappy sketch myself XD

Panda thinking of making a new character


26 December 2013 at 15:45:39 MST

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    I like this idea

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      Hehe, thanks, still, things to work out before I can do it :3

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    Feet I think can be claw-like with some anthropomorphisation, just need to find an artist who knows what they're doing with anthro birds.

    Personally I'd go for the half-wing half-arm option, too.

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      Was thinking that on the arms.

      Heh, need to get some money for that option X3