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Tragedy Knows No End: Wonderlocke Day 4 by Yani Cat

My stupidity lead to the death of my Vivillon, from a sky battle I so carelessly accepted. I was so upset with myself. Then Combusken fell to a critical hit, something that has plagued me since I started my journey. I now have a level 52 Ursaring in my party. He doesn't listen to me and the guilt I feel for having something so overpowered on my team is relentless, but these are the terms of my Wonderlocke. I go in order as I receive them. I found myself in the rival battle with my main guy. Everything was going smoothly. Dedenne was out front, took a slash with a crit and I hit it back with a nuzzle. I used parabolic charge, and then slash. And then crit. This crit killed my poor little hamster fairy. I almost cried, I really did. I didn't think I could love that little Raichu rip-off as much as I did. I found myself reaching for Noibat and she was doing pretty well, she had almost been trained up to my team level and then she gets pursuited and dies. I was so angry. Ditto is now on my team, I fear for his life, but that Imposter saves me a lot of heartache. We're all at level 33. I am going to enter the gym. I fear for the lives of my friends.

I'm over leveled. I was so afraid of more deaths... and then Heracross countered my Gabite. Dead. Fucking dead. Just like that. One hit. And then Korinna. Ditto. Mienfoo. Fake out, fake out. Power-up punch, power-up punch. Mienfoo goes first this time: Double slap. Hits 5 times. Ditto has 1 HP. Power-up punch. Mienfoo is kill. Ursaring vs. Hawlucha. Ursaring actually listened and used strength and one shotted him. Machoke is up, leaving Ursaring in. Now Ursaring isn't listening. Ursaring is kill. Meowstic comes in and finishes the beefed up Machoke with a Psyshock. So many deaths today. I continue on, as I can't stop my journey now.

Current Team:

Meowstic male level 35

Roselia female level 33

Charmeleon male level 34

Ditto level 34

Cubone female level 15

Pansear level 4









Level 1 female Honedge with power trick and iron head.

Level 11 male Stunky to Rick from Sao Palo for a level 1 male Larvitar

Level 23 female Solosis to Joshua from West Virginia for a level 10 male Beedrill

Level 25 Miltank to Bronze from Alabama for a level 1 male Minccino

Tragedy Knows No End: Wonderlocke Day 4

Yani Cat

23 December 2013 at 22:42:37 MST

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