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Merry Christmas <3 by Kittrel

I am in the middle of an 8 day work week and pretty tired already, and I just know I am not going to have as much time online as I'd like til after the holiday... so I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas in case I don't have a chance to later!

I know a lot of people are going through some tough times right now that can bring you down... some people like me have to work and won't be relaxing on the holiday as we'd like to... but wherever you are and whatever your situation, try to find something to be grateful for to focus on. That's what the season is about, and no matter what else is going on we are lucky to be alive and have the love of family and/or friends. There's a lot of beauty in this world if we know where to focus! Sending love and hugs your way!



PS - Brie sends squeaky mousie hugs!

PPS - sorry if I am slow on responses, I don't want to ignore anyone but like I said earlier... busy... :/

Merry Christmas <3


22 December 2013 at 18:24:15 MST

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    Merry Christmas to you, and a happy new year.

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      Thanks Velantian! I'm so looking forward to New Year's eve... bwahaha!

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    This is lovely, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas!

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      Thanks Tiger! I will, you do the same. :3