Christmas Wish List by stokerbramwell

I was reluctant to actually link this anywhere, but a friend or two have been quite insistent (I'm looking at you in particular, devoidkiss), so here is my Amazon Wish List.

It should be noted that I DO NOT EXPECT ANYONE TO BUY ME ANYTHING. Especially so close to Christmas.

But hey, tis the season, I suppose.

Incidentally, if any of you guys have wish lists, share 'em with me too! I make no promises, but you never know if I might have a few spare bucks kicking around...

Christmas Wish List


21 December 2013 at 00:37:29 MST

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    I had no idea they had the Beetlejuice cartoon seasons on DVD! O.o Holy crap, I haven't seen those in EONS! O.o

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      There's actually a complete series set, but it's pretty expensive! I figured it would be cheaper to get the individual seasons as they come out. XD

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        How cool :) Heck, I didn't even realize they had so many seasons too. It feels like only yesterday I was watching them on TV as they were new and just coming out XD

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          Haha, yep! The funny thing is the first two or three seasons were on ABC, so it was aired weekly, and they only had a few episodes apiece. The last season was on Fox, and it was airing weekday afternoons, so it had like sixty or seventy odd episodes!