Wow! You've gotta see this! Spread the word! by ThatBlueFox

Friend of mine shared this link with me last night...and all I can say is that for those who wish to bring their character to life in even more ways than suiting, this is a WAY cool idea!

More info:

This program on Indiegogo needs your support! What it does is render your motions and expressions on webcam (such as on Skype calls) to a 3D model of your character. That means you can see and experience the full concept of visual virtual roleplay as your fursona or other famous characters! This isn't a cheap poorly made 3D model either, but very detailed! Surely this is a furry dream come true for many!

Take a look and help fund it if you can. But more importantly...spread the word! If you think this concept is cool, will you share it with your followers to help get it the funding it needs?

Disclaimer: I am not involved in this project in any way, I just think it's cool!

Wow! You've gotta see this! Spread the word!


19 December 2013 at 09:48:16 MST

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    Already chipped in a 50 myself! Would love to see this funded!