Hey Folks! by Ataraxia

I know that FA being back online is usually the cue for artists to migrate back over to the mothership, but I'm going to stick around and keep up with this place to the best of my abilities. I was thinking of posting low-res versions of my stuff over to FA and high-res stuff over here for the sake of some draw to this website, but we'll see where that goes.

Otherwise, school's finally done for this semester, so I'm going to finally dive back into drawing. I've got a few commissions lined up from people I've been owing for some time.

And if I'm not drawing, I'll be forcing myself to work on live music (which I may upload here in a bit), diving into MGS, and working on my cooking skills (I love ittttt).

Hey Folks!


18 December 2013 at 11:53:32 MST

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    Excellent, I love your stuff and don't mind what site your own. (But I've a preference for Weasyl, as it's really started to pick up)

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    I wouldn't count solely on FA either as it has proven how unreliable it can really be.

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      Of course! I more meant that I'm going to be giving each website an equal amount of attention. Weasyl has yet to disappoint so it's A+ in my book at the moment.

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    I prefer this site over FA too, as far as user experience goes. I already feel like everyone's dropped off the map, though. Lots of people posting, not a lot of people viewing.

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    I love seeing your stuff, but to be honest - I hate it when artists post different versions of their stuff on different sites. I totally get the clean/NSFW stuff, no problem there, but there are a lot of artists that do the "low res" on one site and "high res" on another. Or higher compression JPEG on one site vs. another.

    So, to my point. If I'm saving artwork - as a watcher - it just means I have a bunch of duplicated pieces I have to sort through later on.

    If you want to have art to draw people here, I would suggest doing something where the art is actually different. Maybe a cropped version on FA and the full version here or something like that.

    In any case, thanks for continuing to participate in the fandom and sharing your work!