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Easing the Transition from FA by stokerbramwell

For those of you who are making the move permanently to Weasyl from FA, or who just want to spread around their art and online presence so as not to have all their eggs in one basket, I have a few handy tools to make the transition a bit easier! You've probably seen these mentioned by others before, but just in case, I thought I'd give them a little bit more exposure.

First of all we've got a handy Chrome extension which makes cross-posting your art from FA to Weasyl as easy as clicking one button:

Second we've got this handy little script which looks for anybody you're watching on FA who might also be here in Weasyland:

Hopefully those make the entire transition less painful for everybody. :)

Easing the Transition from FA


17 December 2013 at 15:35:20 MST

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    That extension is amazing if you cross-post. It works for some other sites too like DeviantArt.

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    P.S. Check out my new banner

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      Rockin' dude! :O I love all the different banners here. Easily one of my favorite features of the site.

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        I soo need a banner...

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    The ottermatic seems to make duplicate entries for each person. You may want to dedupe the list beforehand.

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      Well I'm not the one who made it, so I wouldn't even begin to know how to start with that.