Soooooo, now that we've made Weasyls and FA is back online... by pbjohn

What happens now?

Soooooo, now that we've made Weasyls and FA is back online...


16 December 2013 at 22:01:47 MST

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    We wait again, because its back on read only mode.

    but personally it would be really cool if the new ppl stayed here for a bit longer.

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      Hey, I'm totally down for this site.

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    Honestly, Weasyl has a lot better functionality IMO and a lot nicer just overall flow. It doesn't feel like an upgraded version of the 90's, and the web framework isn't CGI-based IIRC, it's an actual application, or at least handled more like one if there is FastCGI involved, I think.

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      It feels hella smoother than FA, which (now) seems like an upgraded undergrad-level+ web project. I'm not much of a web design aficionado, but this site just feels "right".

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    Use both. No one's said you have to stick with just one. =p

    FA will always have the higher traffic....too many people thinking the site is the fandom itself, when time and time again, the fandom has proven to be a bigger thing. I just don't understand that how hundreds of furries will defend FA, throw thousands of dollars and whole servers at the folks running the site, then have such low, shity standards for the site with it's horrible coding and enormously lack-of-features that standard art hosting sites have had as a basic thing (even as a free site) for the past five years easily~ Everybody wants to stay at the frequently closed down Denny's that has horrible health inspection scoring, when there's an IHOP, a Jack in the Box, and an In-and-Out right across the street.

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      Actually, numbers I'm seeing today are showing that Weasyl has even more traffic than yesterday, so I am not confident in this claim.

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        Huh....really? Interesting... I figured now that FA isn't 504ing as much and is out of read-only mode, people would flock back to FA and forget about everything that happened (as usual)... I'd like to se Weasyl get used a lot more. It really is a wonderful site~<3

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          Yeah, let's see...24 hours ago: 1000 active users. Right now? 1500 (check out the bottom of the Weasyl page, which says how busy it is right now!) So...yep.

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