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Commissions [CLOSED] by Zeta-Haru

Note: I still didn't finish uploading my recent work to my weasyl page yet, there's still around 20 artworks I'll upload, from the last two months where I improved a bit

It's my first time opening commissions on weasyl! and I'm glad if you're interested on commissioning me <3

Since I can't wait for FurAffinity to get back anymore and I need to work, I'm opening commissions on Inkbunny and SoFurry before okay~

This is going to be the last commission batch I'll take for 2013! I'll be opening 5 slots at first but it may increase up to 8 or 10 slots depending on how many people want and if I'm going to fill all 5 without even posting this on FurAffinity.

In this batch I won't have any choice of commission type to pick, even though I feel like they'll be related to christmas, I won't just be picking those, but I can assure at least one will be.

Fill this form:\_ce02sK654CQeoaeXBlzMvj1SfhYXlr9xf7hDyCmA/viewform

  • How to get a commission -
  1. When there is new "Commissions [OPEN]" journal, fill the google form in there

  2. I will then choose the commissions I want to work on (or I feel more comfortable with)

  3. If you get picked, I'll contact you ASAP for confirmation, questions and payment

  4. I'll only start working on your commission after the full payment was sent

  5. I'll send the sketch, flats and some shots of the progress before finishing

(Note: I can hold the work up to 1 day while waiting for a client's crucial reply for me to continue working)

Price sheet in case you haven't seen:


I'll reply probably at the same day if I want to do your commission, a maximum of a week, FA isn't letting things easy, so there should be some delays.

Commissions [CLOSED]


16 December 2013 at 01:56:39 MST

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