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Coming back to Weasyl by Zeta-Haru

Well, I forgot of weasyl months ago and tried to focus on FurAffinity... looks like I did the wrong decision there :/ I could tell you how I feel about FA now but there is no really need, I just want to say I'm coming back and I'll be uploading my older artworks here and luckily try to get some watchers here aswell,

I do commissions for living and FA just took my arm off with this outage, well, not the arm that I draw of course. xD I can still work, I just need to find work now. :3

Coming back to Weasyl


15 December 2013 at 22:43:32 MST

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    Glad to see you're back! I love seeing your works. :3

    For help with posting things from your gallery there's this tool for Google Chrome:

    If you also need to find people on Weasyl you can use this tool, developed by Dr_Dos:

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      Thanks for sharing these tools, it will be reeally helpful! ^^ thank you very much

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      Oh wait, how does the second tool work? I gotta tell every user to watch me or that I have an account here? :s

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        The second tool is to help you find users you are following on FA on Weasyl so you don't have to hunt them all down one by one on here and watch them again.

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          Oh, I thought it was the inverse, my bad /w\ but it's a great tool for letting me get used to weasyl since I'll be watching the same people then ^^

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            That's fine! I should've explained it a bit better! Glad I could help!