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Caught Up... mostly! by Kittrel

I have my gallery all over here now... I didn't realize how much art I had out there. o.o And I technically have more because I didn't tackle my scraps folder. And then there's really OLD stuff on a Yerf archive somewhere if that's still around somewhere, hah!

But anyway. I'm done flooding now. Thanks for the patience. :3

Now that the monstrous chore of transferring all my stuff is done I'm going to be keeping this as my main art site. It has a lot of things I like, and doesn't have some of the issues that bug me about FA. My FA gallery will remain there, and if I'm feeling ambitious I may try to keep it up-to-date too. We shall see.

Caught Up... mostly!


15 December 2013 at 16:03:26 MST

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    Weasyl is definitely better and more stable than FA is. I'm debating doing the same.

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      It is a smart idea to keep art in more than one place to reach a wider audience. But it really sucks putting energy into commenting and making contacts and favoriting things and then the site breaks and suddenly your normal art browsing routine is dead. So I will be concentrating my more social stuff here (comments, favs, finding fun new art, and making new friends)

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        Nice :3 I'm always looking for people to talk to!