A Weasyl Journal! by Taw

It's 8AM and I haven't slept, I can't think of a journal name for this. Shh!

It's definitely been an awesome few days watching the activity increase on the site and seeing what people have to say on Twitter about the site. It's really exciting and I'm definitely eager to see where things go and where the feedback and dev team take us.

I know there's been a lot of concerns about certain aspects of the site, such as thumbnails, profile shouts, featured submissions, writing tools, etc. We're definitely interested in the feedback and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how the site improves in the new year. Critique is a good thing! If something about the site bothers you, be sure to let us know via twitter, the forums, or even emailing us! We love suggestions and hearing what people have to say.

Also, please remember guys, give the site a chance as well! I've seen people say they don't get much exposure here right now - just keep posting your art and not worrying about those things and just be part of the community! Everyone here is practically starting off new and on a smaller scale, so if you aren't getting the views, try not to worry about it! It also helps to go around and browse new submissions, comment on people's work to give feedback, and that will help increase your exposure as well! Everyone should put in some effort to try branch out and interact with others, instead of waiting for them to come to you.

I'm fairly sleepy right now and kind of rambling, but yeah, I figured I'd post something about how things're going. Keep in mind that what I say here is also my personal opinions and thoughts on things and may not represent Weasyl's official stance!

A Weasyl Journal!


15 December 2013 at 06:10:22 MST

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    Good thing I post absolutely everywhere regardless. :P

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      I post between here and FA, usually I upload it here first, sometimes at the same time. :p

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        Always simultaneous for me.