Leaving FA for good by Samhain the Dark

I find this brownout that FA is schlugging through to be entirely inexcusable. The website's been down for a few days before, but it's never gone on this long. And the fact that after it's back up, so many people will go flocking to it like it's the only teat on the udder is absolutely sickening. So to avoid the frustration and the stupidity, I am now going to relocate my entire FA gallery to my accounts on other furry websites, including Weasyl (which I prefer over other websites), under the collection of "FA gallery". If you want to find me on other websites, there is a link to my WikiFur article on my profile. Thank you all.

Leaving FA for good

Samhain the Dark

14 December 2013 at 23:27:39 MST

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    A had a good chuckle after the third sentence. But really though, it's been down for this long? Once it does go back up its bound to crash again with the inrush of people posting new art and such. While I probably won't phase out my FA just yet, I will probably start to do everything I do there here. I do like this site and i'm in the process of figuring it all out right now.

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    I'm pretty much doing the same thing soon, it's a shame these things happen, and it's really bad for people that works with commisions like me to get watchers again just to find some work.

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      See, that's another reason why this is outrageous! They're not moving like they're taking into account some people use that website for a living! It's poor business practice, is what it is!

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        They had hardware failures while resolving software failures it happens, and I think they handled it as well as possible.

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          The website is still crawling like a slug and failures like that are usually the result of longtime neglect. I have no respect or wishes of well-being to the FA staff right now.

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            They haven't been neglecting anything. It was the result of software limitations and faulty hard drives.

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    I'll just stick to being on most of the art sites that get some attention.

    Now only if people on FA would just stay here, the one issue with Weasyl will be solved. It's border line inactivity. I think this place has immense potential that's being wasted unfortunately. But, all sites have their ups and downs.