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Winter and Holiday Specials and Updates by PewterKat

Welcome to December! 2013 is nearly over! Despite the problems I'm having I will still do whatever I can to crank out art for the masses.

This month I'm going to be doing my discounts on Winter and Holiday themed pictures! I'm not just talking Christmas, either! I'll do Hannukah, Kwanza, Ramadan, and Solstice-themed pictures as well (and if there are other holidays I left out, I'm sorry). I am a little ignorant of other people's customs, so I'll need to ask questions and need some info and visual aids, but I'm serious about including everyone. Just ask and I'll see what I can do!

-Flats - $8 for one character, $4 for extras!

-Cel-Shaded - $10 for one character, $5 for extras!

-Soft-Shaded - $14 for one character, $8 for extras!

-Backgrounds $2+ if it's more than a single-color or abstract background

I'm also bringing back my quick turn-around art sale, and these do not have to be in any way winter or holiday themed (but they can be):

-Colored sketches and flat colored icons are $6!

-Soft-shaded busts, chibis and icons are $10!

-Painted busts, chibis and icons are $15!

Icons must be static (not animated). Additional fees may be tacked on for simple animations.

In addition, all adopts, icons and preposes, here or on the account I made on FA for them are 10% off until midnight on Christmas!

And if that weren't enough, I'm holding a raffle for all my watchers and those who commissioned me this year! I'll announce it the week before Christmas. The total amount of prizes will be determined by my workload and how many people entering, but there will be at least two. The raffle will be held on my FA account ONLY, but I will post a journal here when it comes up. Those who do not have a Fur Affinity account are welcome to comment on the journal and I will post for them on the master journal on FA and give them a number, so that everyone can participate!

As far as Updates: Still need to update my price map. That should be along any day now. Have to raise prices on some things because I'm putting more effort into them.

Starting in January, I will be picking 1-2 themes to give a discount on. I will also pick a species of the month that will also receive the discount. These themes and species will be announced in a journal.

Thank you all, and have a lovely holiday season!

Commissions are <b>OPEN</b>. Click here for full commissions info: ; Mature content guidelines: ; Adoptables and pre-poses: ; Original art for sale:

Winter and Holiday Specials and Updates


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