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Tonight's Stream: Free Read Friday (Tarot) by Damagefox

Just a heads up that tonight I have decided to do a "Free Read Friday" Offering the first question answered free of charge. I have had plenty of success with my readings an decided that while I would make it easier on both sides. So here is how it will work.

Your first topic/Question is FREE. No charge. Tips welcome but NOT required.

After that, I will offer the readings at $5/additional topic/question.

If the second question is related to the first. then I will count it as ONE topic. So if you are asking a question about your job, (say the first question is "Should I stay with my current job" and after the reading you ask "How can I improve my chances for a raise at my job". Because both questions were related to your work, that counts as ONE topic. If you were to ask about work, and then the next question was related to home/family. that would be classified as TWO topics.

I feel this method will work alot better.and will make things alot easier, allowing me to get more readings done :)

I will also be working on more band weaving :D (Rainbow looms).

I have started work on spirit bottles. A tribute to particular elements. a small bottle filled with colored sand and maybe little gems or rocks.

I will be streaming tonight on my Livestream. So please have speakers on, as its easier for me to speak rather than type.

Hope to see you tonight, will be around 8PM (Canada Mountain Time)

Tonight's Stream: Free Read Friday (Tarot)


8 November 2013 at 16:31:33 MST

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