Hit an artistic roadblock by foreverknight13

ts more funny than sad. I have three comics in the works:

-Elements of Corruption (MLP) which currently has two teasers and a rather concrete premise/plot points and characters that are flexible to work with as season 4 rolls around as well as adopt parts of the fandom, however the only script I have is a rather old stick figure sketch that sadly may no longer work


  • Sanctuary (my own personal game based comic) which currently has 1 page complete, another page in the works, established characters for the most part, but only small piece of plot (first couple chapters I think) and no script.

-Finally there is a Pokemon Black Nuzlocke that I spent two to three months playing and recording, however the plot needs to be scripted and fleshed out while the only thing that's truly set is our main lead and a piece of the prologue.

and I want them all done soon but now I cant seem to focus on any of them! I want to find time to dedicate to all three of them but the others crowd out whatever comic I want to work on. Not to mention finals are drawing near as the semester ends in 4 weeks time.

You see I have a bad habit of wanting everything done early, because being on time is just as bad as being late and doing such a thing may as well be me committing a crime.

Because I'm not a professional I'll try to devote a the most 2-3 weeks on each comic, switching to the next one after that time period is up, it'll keep me focused on the current page and when the time comes to switch I'll either submit it or set it aside for next time if its not complete. After all I'm still learning how to draw Manga as I'm making each picture, so patience is a virtue (something that that is hated by most of the people in my town)

but now the only problem is, which comic do I start with?

Hit an artistic roadblock


7 November 2013 at 00:16:40 MST

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