Emergency Donation Drive Update 3 Pretty Important to Read by QuetzaDrake

Alright, update about a month after the last. Since the last update, only one person's donated, but it was a $100 donation so of course I'm very grateful to them, thank you for putting in as late as this, it really helped. And again, to the other 10 people who donated before, thank you once more. I would've been in a much worse situation monetarily right now had you not been so gracious.

Alright, well, firstly the hard drive. Like I said last time, I CHKDSK /f'd it a few times at the end of September and that seemed to get rid of mmmost problems... for a few weeks, anyway. Two weeks ago on Saturday morning, the laptop's fan started making a lot of noise before it froze up again and the hard drive became unreadable for a bit. I spent that Saturday disassembling and reassembling the laptop in order to clean all the hair and dust out of it, and after putting everything back together, the hard drive booted up and everything seemed to be okay (and slightly better, it being clean and all now).

However, pretty much exactly a week after that and one week ago from today, the hard drive once again froze up, this time making a pretty big racket beforehand, clicking loudly and such, which is pretty telltale "I'm really getting to the failing point here" signs. I managed to boot it up after a while and ran another CHKDSK /f, and since then it's been kind of intermittent about being good and being iffy (I ran yet another CHKDSK /f this morning just kind of out of fear and precaution). I don't think I'll be able to wait on this for much longer unfortunately and I'll have to buy a new drive sooner than I thought. It's not hugely expensive, but it's a cost that I could've really done without at this point in time.

Now for car-related things. I mentioned before that what might happen was a loan from my father to fix my mother's car's transmission, but unfortunately he doesn't have the money to do even that. So... I'm going to have to pay it, because neither me nor my mother are going to ever be able to save up enough after having to spend all our money on bills and debts, so we have to get the thing fixed now as opposed to just letting our funds dwindle more and more until we really won't be able to fix it and we'll be stuck.

I'm on the cusp of selling my old car still, the title was being stored at my father's house and he finally found it, so that'll be $300 extra from that to help make the transmission cost not so painful. The earliest the transmission can be fixed is the 14th, so around then, that significant chunk of my remaining funds will be taken out ($300-$500). It is after this point, when my mother finally can drive her own car and I'll be able to use my own new one, that I'll finally be able to start looking for a job, and hopefully get this stressful situation to die down by 2014.

So to close, again, I'm really thankful to everyone who has donated in the past month and a half, I wouldn't even have the money to fix any cars or hard drives or anything had you not helped me out, and I still feel crummy that I had to ask. However, I could still use some more help for this hopefully-final stretch in my financial crisis, so if you have any spare cash you can dump on me, that'd be amazing of you, or if you know anyone who can help out, please tell them about it. Unfortunately I'm pretty full on commissions, so while I wouldn't necessarily mind if you want to be put on the long queue for one of those, I'd prefer at this point if you wanna help out to donate instead at the moment.

Once more, thanks to everybody who donated, thanks to those who will donate, and hopefully I'll be able to end this crap soon.

The PitchIn page is over HERE. If, for some reason, you want to donate directly to my Paypal, I guess I can give my address for it: comicnaziadam@gmail.com

Emergency Donation Drive Update 3 Pretty Important to Read


1 November 2013 at 17:37:20 MDT

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