Hardcore ponies by Leon 13

My interest in My Little Pony has been surprisingly growing. I recently looked up wikipedia entries on the past installments to see how involved Spike was. I actually saw parts of the Equestria Girls movie today. However, I also came across a dark side of the franchise.

On the TV tropes website article "All your bases belong to us", I came across several references to MLP fan works. Many of them were surprisingly mature, often with deaths. However, none of them were more grotesque than "Pages of Harmony".

In this twisted Fan work, Twilight believes that the only way to protect the elements of Harmony is to extract them physically from her close friends. And yes, I mean physically. She captures them one by one and runs grotesque experiments on them in a lab under the library. It's all M rated material, so I won't disgust you, but all of them die and torment her in her sleep.

That wasn't the worst part of it. She eventually learns that 2 others suspect what she is doing and believes they pose a threat to her. The first was Sweetie Belle, it didn't say how, but Twilight most likely kills her. And the second? I was surprised I didn't cry when I read who it was. It was her longtime Loyal assistant, Spike. Yes, she killed Spike, my favorite character and primary reason I'm interested in the show. She kills him in an extraordinarily painful manner that I can't say. The second I found that out, I just wanted to rip off her horn and stab her with it.

Toroth said that Bronies are ruining the franchise. He was most likely referencing to the TV series, but there are also fan fics influenced by them as well. To be honest, this story might even be written by a female. Either way, this story is way to much for me, I haven't even read the real thing yet. I don't mind fan fics of my favorite series adding some violence, but for MLP? It feels so wrong. It's like a movie where the Wiggles become serial killers. Still, I think it's somewhat fascinating, despite this.

Hardcore ponies

Leon 13

14 October 2013 at 20:30:20 MDT

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