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Faith by Amethyst Mare

I have come to a strange realisation. It's strange, I suppose, with regards to where I "come from", that cultural ideal and social circle.

I love travelling around the UK. I love dashing for trains and I love working out on my own how to get to a new place. I love going to new areas and seeing cities that I have never set foot in before. I love meeting the most random people. I love these insane conversations and I love the stories I get out of travelling about for interviews and down to London. I love adding to my experience repertoire and seeing these sights that others may be so accustomed to but are fantastic for me. I love kicking back on the train and reading, I love daydreaming on the train.

Where I come from, people don't go very far and "activities" are generally the social norm for my age group: drinking, clubbing, down the pub, the occasional day out that will definitely involve drinking. I like alcohol more now, though I definitely prefer wine above all else, but don't want to drink for fun, so to speak. I prefer chilling in the evening with a glass of wine, occasionally winding someone up depending on how much he's topped up my glass when I'm out of the room (yes, I'm looking at YOU, hun). Drinking does not equal a social life, however: it is the sprinkles or extra colour on a fun social life, for me. New experience is the name of the game for me and I fully intend to keep bouncing around to new places when I have a job.

Fairly sure I'm getting a call tomorrow or Tuesday (just hoping they have a quiet day in the office so that I get the call sooner) and then I'll be in for a second/final interview. I can't see any reason why this place would not hire me as the chips are falling into place. This time, my hopes are up and I am going for it. And I can finally go back to my old philosophy that was stolen from me for a time. Have faith because nothing lasts forever, the bad as well as the good. Change is perpetual but you can instigate change to have more good than bad. So keep in touch with your own faith.

Keeping faith through the worst,



Amethyst Mare

13 October 2013 at 12:49:22 MDT

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