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I have a question by Glitterbaby Kitty

So ive been looking into getting a new hoodie since last night I wore my invader zim hoodie when I went to my class last night and it kept me warm but too many memories from when I lived in my neighborhood where I first got it came floating back to me and I could barely focus in night class I was close to breaking down to thanks to the hoodie memories....

So I started looking today online and I narrowed it down to these two

First one is this

not in that color that first comes up of course lol but in the grey/ash look

And then there's this one\#/detail/11144586T111A4PC29377947PA178X18Y30S54

they're both great looking and I wish I could get both but I cant >_< And I cant decide so can you decide for me please?

Which one should I get the Pewdiepie chibi one or the doctor who weeping angel one?

~Your very confuzzled on which hoodie to get kitty artist Glitterbaby Kitty

I have a question

Glitterbaby Kitty

3 October 2013 at 00:03:47 MDT

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