Odd Dream by Leon 13

I just had this strange dream that I had to write a journal about because I'm sure it'll get me some comments.

Remember MLP Equestria Girls? It was a version of that. Twilight Sparkle became so in love with her human life, she forgot her mission. In this version, the stolen item is something called the Book of Happiness. Spike (The Spike from ponyville and not the stupid dog one) tried to remind Twilight of her mission, but she refuses it. Meanwhile, a short blue pony with brown hair (who I assume is Sunset Shimmer, the antagonist), who was being held captive at the mansion Twilight was staying at, break free and rebuilds the book, which was in fragments around pictures of Twilight's human friends.

Then things get weird, she begins disintegrating nearby houses, some of which Twilight's friends live in. Why the book of happiness allows this is beyond me. Twilight is forced to return to Ponyville for reasons I forget and when she returns, she is still a pony, surprising her friends. Another weird thing is that some characters from another series found their way into this dimension as well. Though it's blurry, I believe they're characters from Hello Kitty, as I've been watching a number of Hello Kitty shows on youtube. What? They're cute!

Odd Dream

Leon 13

30 September 2013 at 09:16:11 MDT

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