$3 Pencil Headshots: Insomnia Art! by talakestreal

Insomnia Art! $3 Pencil Headshots

Just for the next few hours, offering $3 pencil headshots. Because it's too late to go back to sleep and too early to cook food. And the pets are all conspiring against me, from a cat sick from the pain meds the vet gave him, to the lovesick other cat who won't quit yowling, to the snake who decided to escape her enclosure, to the tegu who feels like 1 in the morning is the perfect time to go exploring. All the animals seem to think now is the perfect time to be awake, which means I get to be awake. And cranky. And at the moment, no access to my markers to continue work on other commissions, and I don't want to go digging for them in the middle of the night while others in the apartment are sleeping. So, I have small cardstock and my graphite pencils, that's it.

Comment with a ref, send your payment to talakestreal@hotmail.com, don't worry about me commenting back. If you comment here with a ref, you've got a spot and will get your headshot. Just label your payment with your username to let me know.

These are small, messy, quick things. FAST turnaround time. VERY FAST. I can't sleep, so I might as well be arting. :)

$3 Pencil Headshots: Insomnia Art!


28 September 2013 at 02:39:16 MDT

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