Emergency Donation Drive Update 1 READ PLEASE :c by QuetzaDrake

Alright, after a week or so, 5 very generous people have donated to reach 11% of the goal I created, and I am extremely grateful to them. Thank you so much for your donations, I very, very much appreciate them and you've helped alleviate stress at least a little bit.

However, several things have happened in the week since I've posted this that I should bring up.

One, we've discovered that, while the muffler got fixed on my mother's car, it turns out her transmission is going out. It's kind of funny in that it's breaking in the complete opposite way my own previous car's transmission did: my car's transmission has to really force itself to switch gears, while my mother's car's transmission immediately revs up to 3 on the tachometer. Regardless... I'm not really sure what this means for the immediate future. This isn't an easy or cheap fix like the muffler was, really. Transmission repair/replacement costs quite a lot, $200 and far beyond at least. We don't really have the funds to fix it right now, so as far as I can see, my mom has to drive my current car to go to work, leaving me without a vehicle still to go to my own hypothetical future job.

Now, the other thing is that, this morning, my hard drive started to futz up. It froze, and afterward the computer could not read that the hard drive was there, giving a "Boot Disk Not Found" error every time I tried to boot it up. This is most likely the hard drive starting to fail, which it's done in the past but hasn't done for quite a long time, so I assumed the issue had resolved itself back then. I was finally able to boot into Windows this evening, and I began to back up all my irreplaceable files and programs, but it did freeze once again during this. I managed to reboot into Windows on the first try, thankfully, but this could very well mean I need to buy a new hard drive, which will cost another $70-100 of my dwindling remaining funds at least.

So, with these two new things happening, I have to again implore you to help out if you can. Tell others, pass this around, donate anything you might have on you. The car is one thing, but the hard drive probably needing to be replaced is especially important, since without a computer, I'm unable to make any money at all as I wouldn't be able to draw any commissions (not to mention Furthia High). Any money you might be able to give out would both help me out a ton and also make me incredibly grateful and more relaxed about my stressful situation.

So again, thank you to those who've already donated, you've done so much, but everything seems to kinda be breaking and going down at once, so if you can, please help me out. Thank you.

Once again, the PitchIn page to donate is >>>HERE<<<

Emergency Donation Drive Update 1 READ PLEASE :c


23 September 2013 at 22:11:24 MDT

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