Hotel rooms are filling up quickly! by NordicFuzzCon

Yesterday was a registration day unlike anything we expected. When the day came to an end, over 100 registrations had ticked in. As can be seen on the room counters on the web page, the amount of available rooms are going down quickly.

We appreciate that not everyone are able to put out the money needed to register for the con right away. But, if you really want to go, keep an eye on the room counter, so you will not loose out on getting your room. You can also take advantage the possibility to pay in several installments, so you do not have to put out all the money at once.

Again, we were really thrilled to see all the registrations coming in so quickly, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you next year! And, even if your registration is made, bill paid and badge number assigned, don't stop checking in on us here. There will be more important announcements coming up. New website upgrade with badge upload and room share, Guest of Honor announcement, and many other things.

You can follow us here, or add us on twitter, @nordicfuzzcon . Important announcements will also be made on our newsletters, so be sure to sign up for those. We promise we will not spam you. Not too much anyway...


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Hotel rooms are filling up quickly!


18 September 2013 at 12:20:18 MDT

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