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Anthrocon 2023 Meme by TwilightSaint

Anthrocon (AC) 2023 / 28JUN-03JUL2023 / Pittsburgh, PA //

AC 2023 / TL;DR: //
-BE GENTLE. I still got some soft spots from surgery recovery! I’m still only about six months fresh from my latest, RIP //
-Fursuits: Raze, the Raptor-Doberman Dinodog / Sniper, the Kestrel Dutch Angel Dragon / Sniper, the QUADSUIT / Ramiel, the Weredog //
-I'll try to get the Quadsuit at least ONCE through the Dealer's Den, haha
-I’ll be in the Fursuit Dance Competition FINALS as Raze, the Dinodog!
-Annnnnnd I’m trying out for Floor Wars as Raze, and with my team, Jurassic Bark III
-Sniper will be at the Fursuit Parade
-I'll announce on Twitter/Insta/etc what suit is coming out and when
-Merch pickup! I’ll announce a window of time when I’m in the lobby to deliver the goods! <3

-Basic Convention Info

-Interested in ordering stickers/magnets/pins for AT-CON PICKUP? Check out the Merch Order Form HERE ->

-Where are you staying?
Westin for the win, baby! B)

-What day are you getting there?
Wednesday afternoon.

-How are you traveling?

-How long are you going?
Wednesday through Monday!

-What is the best way to find you?
Just keep an eye out for my fursuits! I’ll be announcing, at minimum, on Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook, and Tumblr what suit I’ll be headed out as. If I’m able and if applicable, I’ll include the event I’m headed to as well!

If nothing else works and you need to get a hold of me for something, (such as picking up a Badge Commission/Print/Merch,) please send me a Direct Message on Twitter! ( ) Twitter is the best and quickest way of contact for me as I will receive mobile notifications. Please note though that I am REALLY busy at cons, and there’s a chance I may not see your message/be able to reply right away.

-If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Give me a shout! I’ll answer to Twilight/TwilightSaint and/or the name of the fursuit I’m in at the time. If I seem busy/distracted, you can also get the attention of my handler.
Friendly reminder that I have GOOD HEARING in suit and can hear side comments. However - if I’m busy interacting with a suiter in front of me, and you’re standing off to the side - I may hear you and be aware of you, but can’t see you. So if you’re trying to talk to me, please get in front of me and give a wave or something so I know you want to interact. Also if I don’t notice you/get distracted/walk away, it’s NOT personal! My handler and/or myself probably didn’t even see you. So again, please be sure to get their or my attention before I scurry off.

-Personal Info

-What is your gender?
Punk-ass dude who is irritated that y’all can’t show me an ounce of respect as a human being to NOT openly fantasize and wonder about my goddamn genitals in Telegram chats that I get sent the screenshots of. Shame on you.

-How tall are you?
Standard issue.

-Can I talk to you?
Sure, but I am a silent suiter. Please be respectful of that.
I will only speak in suit if absolutely necessary, and still, I prefer not to hold long conversations while in suit due to it being hard to hear you, and I also don’t want to lose my voice by yelling so that you can hear me. Please do not anticipate me to speak much IF AT ALL while in fursuit, and do not take it personally, as I assure you, it isn’t!

-Can I touch you?
ASK before doing so! I am FRESH from MULTIPLE surgeries within this last year! I will give you a gentle hug, but again, please ask before doing so in order to prevent me from being blindsided/knocked off balance/potentially being hurt.

-Can I buy you drinks?
YES please, haha.

-Can I give you food?
If you give me Chex Mix, I’ll do a little dance! B)

-Can I give you stuff?
Sure! I appreciate art and trinkets and the like. I will ask ya to physically hand them to my friend and handler, however! If I look at the item then immediately give it to my handler, it’s not because I don’t appreciate the item! It’s because I don’t have the best dexterity with my giant fursuit paws, and I just don’t want to drop and lose whatever you’ve just given me!

-Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Please ASK before touching me! Due to recent surgeries, I am only open to gentle hugs, please.
If others are currently interacting with me and you would like a hug/photo/also to interact, please be patient! While fully performing in character and interacting with another person, more than likely I simply won’t see you due to my moving around so much and so quickly, and also due to my focus being on the person I’m playing with at the time! If you need my attention, please approach my handler or tap me on the shoulder. Please do not step in and interrupt others, or worse, physically shove them away.

-Are you nice?
Actually meet me and interact with me, then you’ll find out!

-Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?
Nope! Haha. But for real, my schedule at conventions is very dynamic and centered around dance events! And while I am fursuiting, I have zero access to my phone and thus messages if you’re trying to reach me. While I sure do my best to meet up with folks, sometimes my schedule is very hectic and plans are made last-minute.
While in suit, I have ZERO access to my phone! Yes, that means Telegram, Twitter, and any other sort of social media or messages. If you happen to message me while I’m suiting, (which I do A LOT at conventions,) I will not reply because I don’t have my phone on me! I will see it when I get out of suit. Please be patient! :>

-Can I take your picture?
In suit, yes please! I loooove looking through con pictures and videos after conventions – such great memories! If you happen to take any, please link them to me or tag me on social media!

Please post any and all photos of other suiters and myself on!

-Convention Plans

-Are there any panels you might be attending?
Oooooooh yes! I’m trying out for Floor Wars with my team, Jurassic Bark III! Regardless if we make it in or not, (BUT my teammates totally kick ass!) I’ll be there to cheer everyone on and catch the sick moves! Then I’ll be at the Fursuit Parade for sure, and maybe check out the Block Party, just depends how tired I am, haha. There were a couple panels I wanna check out, but just totally depends what other big events I’m doing and if I can squeeze ‘em in. AC is always crazy, CRAZY busy for me especially.
Finally, Sunday, I’ll be in the Fursuit Dance Comp Finals as Raze! <3

-Will you be suiting?
Goddamn, YES! When will I not be suiting?! Can I beat my 8-9-10 hours Fri-Sat-Sun that I pulled off at FWA?! Haha, honestly probably not. Maybe cumulatively, but not all at once. I definitely will be getting the quadsuit out at least ONCE through Dealers Den!

-What suit(s) is/are you bringing?
Raze, the Raptor-Doberman Dinodog / Sniper, the Kestrel Dutch Angel Dragon / Sniper, the QUADSUIT / Ramiel, the Weredog //

-Do you have an artist table?

-Where will you be most of the time during the day/s?
Running between panels and dance events, and suiting absolutely everywhere! Evenings will be reserved for chilling, chow, and then the raves. I will do my best to put out a report of my intended movements and fursuit I’ll be running around in prior to going full beast mode! This is so folks know which fursuit to keep an eye out for if they’d like a photo or to say hi! I’ll be cross-posting...basically everywhere - Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook for sure at the VERY least.

-Will you be performing?
Yep! Mainly just via fursuiting around and hitting up the dance events. Also the nightly dances.

-What/where will you be eating?
Omg, wherever and whenever I have time to scarf down something.

-Will you be going to parties?
Not planning on it!

-What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
Go HARD again at my favorite freaking con! I’m just very grateful that I’m able to attend AC again after all the shit that I’ve been through - and that others have put me through - in the year since I attended in 2022. I’m grateful to be moving on with my life with folks who care about ME the person, and not what they can get FROM me as a means to their end. I’m looking forward to the con as a hard reset and leap forward to a better, brighter future with honest, genuine people. <3

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

Anthrocon 2023 Meme


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