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Back At It Again by FluffyVoltage

back at it again at kripsy kreme /ref

but seriously though, my name is Zephyr/Pugsley; formally known as Zephyr-Roo on Furaffinity. You may have known why I'm on Weasyl at this point, so let me explain from the start.

You know these dogwater policies on Furaffinity, right? That's exactly what I'm talking about, but the rest here may be too...cringeworthy to explain, so you probably may have known what was going to happen on my FA account. With most people migrating from the said site to other sites they usually prefer, it's best I'd join in as well.

With Furaffinity slowly burning thanks to the "policy controversy", I thought it would be a good idea to move to Weasyl. Banning shortstacks and other certain Pokemon plus thinking minors in "certain fetishes" are a good idea even though for the rest of us, NO THE HELL IT ISN'T.

I'm considering on deleting my FA account soon but that's something I shouldn't do right away. When I think about it, I might as well just make Weasyl the only way to post my adult content on there rather than on Furaffinity. Alongside twitter, the only way to post my adult content is here (alongside other stories that are meant for adult audiences)!\

That's all I have to say. Before we end this, I have a few words to say for Furaffinity.

what. the. hecc.


Back At It Again


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    Hi! I agree with you here, minors should never be fetishized in any way, because there's a reason why fetishes are called sexual fetishes, because they're an adult only thing, not for kids. I also don't like how furaffinity is calling every single eevee, gatomon, veemon, etc a "minor" when I've seen plenty adult characters of those species. I also don't like how they call chibis "minors" when clearly adult chibis exist, like fullgrown but in the form of a cutesy style. I'm worried about the future of my furaffinity accounts so that's why I'm not as active as I use to be anymore :< I'm still very active here on weasyl tho! :D always have been ^w^ I hope you like it here :3