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Crawling Out From Under The Rock by Scani

You've probably been noticing me becoming substantially more active here of late. This is a deliberate effort on my part (encouraged by some) to be more open in sharing art -- it is a shame to have it, and then for it to sit in a folder unseen and unenjoyed.

My plan for the past several weeks has been to post two to four pieces every week, generally on weekends, pulled from Scani's commissioned / gifted artwork vaults. If there's certain stuff that you like -- by all means, please do favourite, comment, and throw the original artists some love too.

As you can probably tell from the recent profile updates, a lot has changed in my life over the past several years (and I know that I'm not the only one; it's almost like there's been some massive worldwide event over the past few years that's tremendously changed our world views and our priorities). The most prominent is certainly that I'm happily married, culminating a steady 9-year relationship that moved from dating to cohabiting to engagement to this.

In the continued spirit of desiring to go fast, I've taken a lot more interest in building up my personal health as a runner, then a triathlete. I'm certainly not at the sharp edge of any competition but I'd like to think of myself as reasonably competent (read: sub-2 hour marathon, sub-90 minute sprint tri).

I am winding down some other aspects of my community involvement right now, which I'm finding to be challenging because I feel like there's been some expectation that "you have to contribute" or "you have to give this thing" or you don't matter. I think I've given what I can in certain ways as my life allows, and if I'm going to keep uplifting our community I would like to do so in more behind-the-scenes and less visible ways... as long as y'all will have me, of course.

I am also being more active on art posting sites because I am expecting more changes in the future. The gryphon that you see in a lot of the artwork has been around for about 15 years and I'm feeling ready to make some evolutions to that visual presence that reflect the increased maturity and life experience of my past couple of decades in furry. I'll be sharing more about that as that time comes and I make more tangible steps toward it.

I'm not planning on journalling here too much; my recommendation is to use the contact information (Mastodon, Cohost, Telegram, Twitter) resources that are up in my profile and elsewhere if you're looking to get in touch. If we're fairly new people, or we haven't chatted before or in a while, please do lead with things that we mutually enjoy or appreciate to get the conversation going.

Much love to y'all. Hope you're doing well.

Crawling Out From Under The Rock


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