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New Commission Rule Added by Unownace

It's about time I added this new rule (highlighted in bold) due to the increasing demands I've been facing as a commission artist. I'm hoping this will make the process run a lot more smoothly from now on.

Commission rules:

  • Let's keep it PG-13 and under, please. No humanoid genitals or excessive gore.
  • I do NOT draw humans and non-anthro humanoids.
  • No dragons or large mechs, either. I discovered recently I REAAAALLY suck at drawing those.
  • No hate/prejudiced art, please.
  • If you ask for me to draw an OC you don't own, please make sure you have the owner's permission first.
  • $10.00 CAD (Canadian Dollars/Cents) for one character, an additional $10.00 for each extra character. Additional $10.00 for a simple background (blank wall and floor, grassy field, sand dunes, open water, starry sky, etc.) Between $15 to maybe $30 extra for a complex background (furniture, trees, buildings, vehicles, dynamic environment like fire or lightning, etc.) Dynamic poses for foreground characters may also increase the price slightly depending on how much work they are to pull off. No more than 4 or 5 characters in total preferably, due to my own artistic limits.
  • Partial-body drawings, like a bust (face and upper torso), a close up of a single body part, like a paw, tail, eye, or even a first-person-perspective view of the character in question looking down at their own paws, will be between $10 to $15 CAD depending on the complexity, angle and level of detail wanted.
  • Full-size/body animations are $30.00 CAD. Animated icons $5.00 CAD.
  • For mini comics, base price is $40.00 CAD for two panels and two characters, with an extra $10 for each extra panel and an extra $10 for each extra character. Like with regular commissions, complex backgrounds full of props and effects may add to the cost. Keep in mind I'm still very new to comic making, so please understand that my capabilities with it are somewhat limited. If your idea is too complex, I might need to tell you to put it on hold until my skills have been refined enough to pull it off, so for now simpler is better.
  • Comment or note your request, then we can discuss payment details via note.
  • I reserve the right to decline any commission I deem inappropriate or too difficult for me to do.
  • Prices are negotiable! Don't be afraid to ask!
  • Please do not ask for free requests.
  • If possible PLEASE try to lay out all important details in bullet-point format BEFORE I start working on the commission. The more changes I need to make once I've already sketched out the first line-art draft the longer it will take and more difficult it will be to finish.
  • Please only pay me AFTER the commission is finished. Due to how PayPal sometimes takes a portion of transactions made, if for whatever reason I end up not being able to do your commission it makes the refunding process difficult.

Alice Hearts Bounty commissions:

New Commission Rule Added


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    Yeah, that's always a good detail to add! Nothing quite as frustrating as thinking you're done with a commission only for them to send you an edit to do, then you do it, they send another edit, you do it, etc. etc. etc... Like, give the people you're commissioning the whole picture in the first place, people, geez! XDD

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      Not gonna name names but I've had a couple new customers who have been doing that to the point of making me pull my hair out. I had to take a break for a couple weeks just to cool off.

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        SUPER valid. I feel like it's probably not ill-intentioned on most customers' parts, I feel like they just don't quite realize how annoying it is, but yeah. Making it so that edits AFTER the commission has been completed is a no-go definitely saves on some sanity. X'D (Like, I'll do post-edits if I myself made a mistake with some details they gave me, but if they try to add on details that weren't included in the original request, then it's like, no, sorry, I did what you asked of me already lmfao--)

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          In my case it depends on the edit. Since I keep all the layers in Photoshop separate it's not TOO difficult to say, change the colour of an eye or a piece of clothing, swap out a boot for a sandal, add a sweat-drop, etc. It's when someone says "Oh, actually I want you to draw a Braixen, not a Riolu" that I have to call time-out...

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            Yeah, totally. It's like, you got exactly what you asked for, you don't get to change it now. Buy a new commission XDDD