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Update #56 by TitusW

Hello all! I hope you are all doing well ^^

Been meaning to make a journal for a while, I just haven’t got to it yet. Anyways the last couple months haven’t been super eventful. Last I posted was in July and I mentioned I was at my first convention, so I’ll write about that for a bit

The convention I went to was Anthro Weekend Utah and they had me there as a guest of honor. Overall I had a great time there, and I think it was a wonderful experience for my first convention. The con staff were very friendly and generous hosts, and they were sure to go above and beyond my needs and expectations while I was there. I managed to split time between working in the dealer’s den and going to events/panels and everything there seemed to go very smoothly. It was really cool to get to experience a convention finally after hearing about them for so many years, and I really loved the atmosphere and being with people from the community that I have been a part of online for almost a decade now. It was especially surreal to meet people that knew me from online or had seen my art before. It was very welcoming ^^ I wish I could have socialized a bit more, but I was there to work too and kept busy the entire time I was there, even on the flight back haha

I really want to make my way back to AWU again some time again in the future and go to other conventions that are popular closer to where I live. I do have some reservations about some cons because I’ve not heard great things about some of the closest one to me from conversations online, but I guess I would have to go to find out for myself. That and going made me extremely nervous for months and made it hard to get stuff done. If I can get over those issues, I don’t think I’d have much problem going to other cons in the future :D I did learn a lot about cons too and have quite a bit that I will do differently next time. One thing was I bit off way more than I could chew as far as taking commissions while I was there, and it took me weeks until after the con to finish them (and I still have one in progress.) So I will need to keep that in mind next time

I finished all the sketch commissions I took payment for at the con, and will post them at some point here. Currently I have a single badge commission left that has been delayed because I was sick, and then 2 larger commissions that have been waiting for quite some time. Then after that I will be working on some commissions that I made a small queue for at the convention. All of this I plan on making on stream when I resume that shortly ^^ Feeling very intimidated by getting back to streaming, but I do enjoy it and need to resume

I made a large backlog post on Patreon with all the art I made for the convention as well as the commissions and will slowly start posting that here as well when I get to it. There is quite a lot of it and posting on all the sites is kind of a pain so I have been putting it off lol

Other than the con, getting caught up on those commissions, and recovering from mild burn out in August, main thing that went on this month is right at the start of the month I caught covid again :( It is my 3rd time having covid and my 2nd time this year. This time was worse than last time. Up until just a few days ago I was completely unable to get stuff done. Had zero energy despite not feeling very sick. The fatigue and brain fog from covid is unreal. Really starting to wonder how many times I can be sick with it before it starts becoming a real issue. Part of the reason I didn’t push myself whatsoever when I had it this time, I’m getting a bit concerned about that. Anyways, thankfully it is over for now and I’m getting back to working on stuff

Keep an eye out for more art posts and stream notifications soon! I have a lot to post and even more to keep working on haha. Thank you all for reading!

Update #56


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