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Awesome summer day! + Other subjects too! by Hazel3

I went to the beach today, boy was it hot! :o but I got myself an irn bru and enjoyed paddling in the sea :3 There were rockpools today! :D I saw some fish and crabs ^w^ I may of been following them lol, and I avoided a big scary jellyfish 0-0 hate those things.. >.<; Anywho, remember that I saw alot of dead crabs and wanted to see some alive ones? well I've been seeing alot of alive ones lately! :D They have a funny walk X3 I like the way the sea creatures bury themselves in the sand, they funny X3 The shallow water in the sea was nice and wide, no big waves whatsoever UwU I had fun walking in the water! and since there was alot of shallow water today, I had more room to walk about in :D I also met some nice dogs and petted several of them :3 One of the dog owners thought I was a teenager but eh, it's common so I'm use to it UwU I don't mind correcting them with my actual age tho, I understand I look alot younger than my age so I take it as a compliment really :3 I'm pretty laidback so I don't mind correcting, sometimes it can be hard to tell after all! One of the dogs I met on the bus kept me company every now and then :3 It was excited and slightly mischievous, always sneaking away from its owner to meet all the friendly hoomans X3 Well dogs can get all the pets and playtime they deserve when I'm around ^w^ I lived with dogs for a very long time and grew up with them, so being in a house that doesn't allow me keeping dogs has me lonely.. :< but I got the permission to keep guinea pigs so I'm hoping I'll get some new friends soon :3

After that, on my way home I decided to head off early so I can be just in time for the bus. I noticed a small funfair on the way back! :D I thought I'd stay for a bit ^w^ I enjoyed bouncing on the bouncy castle, but gosh I didn't realise how much stamina I lacked, whew..! ^w^; I also enjoyed chilling on there too :3 I don't mind the other kids bouncing as long as they aren't crashing into me or anything.. ^-^; I don't mind em bouncing while I chill and catch my breath cos it's almost like a fun ride for me, wheeee ^w^ irl I'm very shy and I'm scared of kids really, I tend not to talk unless someone talks first or unless I know them. But once you get to know me then I'm just the same as online as I am irl. Happy, chill, and scared of everything X3 It's always important to be yourself whether you're online of offline, alone or with others, happy or not. I just feel it's good to be honest and genuine of who you really are :3

Oh yeah I won some prizes at the funfair today! :D I played that game where you whack a thing so it goes all the way up to hit the bell. Not sure the name of it but gosh I noticed I whacked it harder than everyone else, I must be strong XD But probably not cos I prefer to underestimate my strength and intelligence, not that I'm beating myself up or anything! I wouldn't do that.. ^-^; Anywho, I won twice and got some super cool prizes! :D You'll get to see what I won here! And you'll get to see my colourful Spongebob towel cos Ima big Spongebob fan X3 I love my new toys, I was playing with my rainbow fluffy snake on the way home as I waited for the bus, and played with it at home too ^w^ You'll get to see what I named my new toys on the link I just sent too :3 Also on the way to the bus I was admiring a pretty butterfly, I think it might of been a monarch one! It let me go close to it while it was busy gathering stuff from flowers, I had a nice long look at it. It was so fluffy and cute! ^-^ very pretty wings too! I love butterflies ^w^ I love moths too! :D both are just as adorbs :3

But yea it was so much fun today! Alot hotter than normal, but still had alot of fun ^w^ I the funfair made me feel like a little :D Me and my best friend Moonwing207 Moonwing207 had fun convos when I got home, we were being little together :3 This is what I love about summer ^-^ If you have a favourite thing about summer, maybe you could talk about it too! :D

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Awesome summer day! + Other subjects too!


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    Yaay that's great that you were able to see some alive crabs! And all the nice doggies too! :3

    The prizes you won are super cute! You gave them great names ^w^

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      It was a really good day :D and thanks! ^-^