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Commissions Open - Now Closed by SatsumaLord

EDIT: Commissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone that claimed a slot, as your support is appreciated. =3

Hey there, it's SatsumaLord here; I just wanted to make an official announcement, to say that I'm now currently accepting commissions. =3

With that said though, while I'm in the process of gathering and accepting commissions, I'll also still be working on other projects; namely with what I owe for this month's Patreon content. So if I don't reply back to your commission inquiry immediately, please be patient with me as I try to work on things and get other things worked out.

Also, while it's my intention to work on commissions as much as possible this month, life unfortunately has a bad habit of taking away my free time at the drop of a hat; so while I'll be making it a point to work on commissions, it may also take me longer than expected to actually finish them (so again, your patience would be greatly appreciated). ^_^;

In any case, the current commission queue can be seen below.

  1. edwinflores428 - paid
  2. IndigoJack - paid
  3. Stovi - paid
  4. AnotherDangerNoodle - paid
  5. Joeman87766 - paid
  6. Pinkierawr - paid
  7. Drone-212 - paid
  8. WilfordBrimley - paid
  9. kyurem2424 - pending
  10. Raydis - paid
  11. PudgyProse - paid
  12. shyguy27519why12 - paid
  13. HNM124 - paid
  14. oneitvan - pending

And if you need to know my pricing, as well as my general commission rules, you can find them in the link here ( [link] ); though feel free to ask me questions about what I offer, if you happen to have any. =3

Anyway, I believe that's all for now, so thanks for reading and I hope that you're all doing well. =3

Commissions Open - Now Closed


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    Oh, and I forgot to mention, if you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a note/DM with the following info, so I can give you a price quote more quickly and efficiently.

    Art Type: [sketch, B/W inked, flat color, or full-color]
    Number of Characters: [any number between 1 and 4]
    Commission Idea: [description of what's happening in the piece]
    Character References: [reference links for the characters involved]
    Facial Expression: [facial expression of characters involved]
    Posing: [how characters are posed (if not mentioned in the commission idea section)]
    Outfit: [character outfits involved for the piece, if not using outfits from character references]
    Background: [none, simple, or specific (if specific, describe the scene)]
    Extra Notes: [any extra information or details regarding your piece]
    PayPal Address: [link to your PayPal address]

    Anyway, thanks again for reading and I hope that you're having a good one. :)