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2021 in Books by TigerTorakio

Adieu, 2021, the most stressful year of my adult life.

That said, I somehow managed to read a respectable number of books this year, and I'm awfully proud of this weird mixture of the ancient world, sci-fi/horror, cute animals, and the avant garde:

My favorites:


  • Negative Space by B.R. Yeager (2020, Apocalypse Party)
  • Dead Astronauts by Jeff VanderMeer (2019, Picador)
  • Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami (2000, Vintage Books)

Poetry (sort of):

  • ReRites: Raw Output + Responses by David (Jhave) Johnston (2019, Anteism Books)
  • Masterworks of Miyazawa Kenji (2002, International Foundation for the Promotion of Languages and Culture)
  • Yi Sang Selected Works (2020, Wave Books)
  • H of H Playbook by Anne Carson (2021, New Directions)


  • Prelude to Transgression by M. Kitchell (2020, Inside the Castle)
  • Rituals Performed in the Absence of Ganymede by Mike Corrao (2021, 11:11 Press)
  • Philosophy of the Sky by Evan Isoline (2021, 11:11 Press)
  • Cephalonegativity: On the Theater of Decapitation by Mike Corrao & Evan Isoline (2021, Apocalypse Party)

Comics/Graphic Novels:

  • Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It (2014, Fantagraphics)
  • The Rose of Versailles, vols. 4 & 5 by Riyoko Ikeda (2020, Udon Entertainment)
  • A Man and His Cat, vols. 3 & 4 by Umi Sakurai (2021, Square Enix Manga)
  • A Polar Bear in Love, vols. 1 & 2 by Koromo (2017 & 2018, Yen Press)
  • A Journal of My Father by Jiro Taniguchi (2021, Fanfare/Ponent Mon)
  • Uncomfortably Happily by Yeon-Sik Hong (2017, Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Lovesickness by Junji Ito (2021, Viz Media)
  • Sensor by Junji Ito (2021, Viz Media)
  • Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan, vols. 1-3 by Sasami Nitori (2021, Seven Seas)

2021 in Books


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