San Japan con report! by Nezumi

San Japan is over ^_^ As usual, I stayed in the Art Show pretty much the entire weekend. And let me tell you... that room is COLD! The amount of AC needed to keep a large ballroom full of thousands of people comfortable is waaay excessive for a 20 by 30 room ^_~

I did well, getting almost twice what I usually do for a single panel show. Stephanie Kao also did well, selling everything on her panel ^_^ Which is awesome because I'm playing agent for her and not having to ship anything makes me happy. Panel fees were ridiculously low this year too! The construction of the panels was finally all paid off so we just collected money to replace damaged hardware (binder clips and those damned S hooks). $5 for a full panel or $1 per individual piece is just fantastic. Almost everyone sold something.

Fanart was not that big a seller this year. People were definitely drawn to the fanart, but the ravening superfan who just HAS to have anything with X/Y/Z character did not exist. I think there was so much fanart available in the Artist's Alley that everyone could find their nerd fix pretty early on.

The past few years I've seen a trend towards con goers wanting Buy it Now. This year they went nuts for it. Pretty much any BiN price under $50 was taken. It did not matter to this crowd if it was original or print. If the picture was under $50 and they could take it home today, they'd go for it.

Art Show is not the place for jewelry any more. We had 1 panel with some nice beadwork jewelry on it front and center to the room entrance that nobody looked at and even actively avoided. Apparently that's just not something our attendees look for outside of Dealer's Room any more.

Of course, I'll be there again next year. I was almost roped into taking over, but luckily comicon is the week after San Japan's new July dates. It's looking possible that I'm going to be in charge of Art Show for Ikkicon and Ushicon, though. We'll see how that works out.

Worldcon - Lonsetar Con 3 (art show) August 29 – September 2

Dragon*Con (attending, art show) August 30- September 2

Alamo City Comic Con (attending, dealer) October 25-27

San Japan con report!


19 August 2013 at 09:46:52 MDT

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