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Calendars Shipped! / 2022 Commission Opening! // by TwilightSaint


-2022 Calendars Shipped-
IF you are one of the folks who ordered one of my annual 'Year in Fursuiting/Artwork/Reptiles' calendars, all those that have been paid have been shipped! CONUS orders may arrive as early as later this week or next, and OCONUS orders, well y'know, a bit longer than that! Print and merch orders placed were also included in this shipping batch, so keep an eye out!

-2022 Commission Opening-
YEAH you read that right! Barring anything crazy in my schedule between now and then, I am planning to open a small batch of commissions early in the new year, at least by mid-January! I'll only be taking on a handful of pieces as my Patrons have priority for their projects. I'm wavering between Icons and Full-Body shots - tbh, leaning more toward Full-Body shots, then maybe Icons later on.

IF you want guaranteed artwork each month and even flexible pay-over-time options? Check out my Patreon! >

You can snag anything from Telegram stickers to an Ultimate Reference Sheet...seriously! Actually that's about the only place nowadays except if you catch me at the perfect moment to get a Ref Sheet, haha.

Short update is short! DM me here or on Twitter for questions! >
(Pro-tip - I check Twitter more often than I do here!)

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

Calendars Shipped! / 2022 Commission Opening! //


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