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Opening More Commission Slots - Now Closed by SatsumaLord

EDIT: Commissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone that claimed a slot, as your support is appreciated. =3

Hey all, it's SatsumaLord here; I don't usually do this, but due to some recent unexpected costs, I'll be opening up some additional commission slots, to help cover those expenses.

Now, with regards to commissions, the plan is to focus on the current commission queue first; then after those commissions are complete, I'll then be focusing on the new commission queue I'm trying to set up now. So because of that, the commissions that I'll be accepting now probably won't even be started on until sometime late in December.

With that said though, the plan is to be working on commissions as much as physically possible; and for those that are currently waiting on your commission, I sincerely thank you for your continued patience. Things have been taking longer to work on than I'd like to admit, but I do still appreciate everyone's understanding and support. :)

Anyway, for those interested in commissioning me, you can find my pricing in the link here ---> ( [link] ). If you can send me your commission as an outline like what I've provided below, I would greatly appreciate it.

Art Type: [sketch, B/W inked, flat color, or full-color]
Number of Characters: [any number between 1 and 4]
Commission Idea: [description of what's happening in the piece]
Character References: [reference links for the characters involved]
Facial Expression: [facial expression of characters involved]
Posing: [how characters are posed (if not mentioned in the commission idea section)]
Outfit: [character outfits involved for the piece, if not using outfits from character references]
Background: [none, simple, or specific (if specific, describe the scene)]
Extra Notes: [any extra information or details regarding your piece]
PayPal Address: [link to your PayPal address]

In addition, the new queue will be listed below.

  1. kyurem2424 - finished
  2. Pinkierawr - finished
  3. Dendrago - finished
  4. HNM124 - finished
  5. oneitvan - finished
  6. Strangerataru - finished
  7. foxfire2080 - finished
  8. Bender097 - finished

Anyway, thank you all for reading and I hope that you're all doing well. :)

Opening More Commission Slots - Now Closed


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