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New website! by Among Sculptures

My webpage is ready!!

Click here, or whatever!

For some time now (very long time ,dear heavens!) i was working on a selfmade webpage on wix (next to my sculpture work and of course all the house and whatnot other work i had to do). I wanted to have a simple site to display my commission details, so that i wouldn't have to send my (selfwritten and thus weird looking) commission info to everyone who is interested in a sculpture in a long message over and over again. When i started to work on my page it looked like fun but later on it was the complete opposite! I even had to overwork it twice from scratch because it was so ugly you couldn't even look at it without crying, for gods sake! (that happens when someone like me tries to build up a webpage...) I can now say, with a good conscience, that it is still quite ugly but at least not as ugly as it was before, i am grateful for that... but the mobile version is what you should avoid at all costs, nonetheless! The webpage also contains a simple contact form, so that i will be able to have all commission inquiries in one place and it has a simple newsletter, so that i will be able to reach out to anyone who signed up, when commission slots are availabe. A teeeeny tiny shop is integrated as well, for now. Even though it is immensly simple, it is also incredibly slow at times, maybe it is just my laptop, which is again about to die....Anyway, i hope this new website will be up to the task of displaying my info and will make it easier for everyone who would like a commission in the future! (I know, boooooooring!)

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New website!

Among Sculptures

12 November 2021 at 09:50:10 MST

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